Day 32. What Else Between Zero And One?

The Great Fleece done!

I had some time on the weekend and forced myself to finish the game. The main menu, loading scene and the main scene got blended to work in sequence. Buttons became active. Bug fixing as well. I was trying to upload a WebGL version of the game online but faced some errors. After downgrading version of Unity to 2019 the game worked well as the WebGL build. Play it here

Cinematography skill at this game is something I didn’t expect. Fading, panning, the rule of thirds, timeline, and so on. Quite universal skills, they can be applied in real movie production, I believe.

The programming part at the end was exciting. Singleton pattern mostly used for an Audio manager, UIManager, and GameManager. SceneManager library was used to switch logic between scenes.

Today is the last day of my Internship at GameDevHQ. I hope the program will continue soon. I will be able to dive deeper into game development and come up with a project, join a game jam, or anything else that this gigantic industry is offering.



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