Day 3. Shooting Enemies with Unity 3D. Chill it is in the game development.

Enemies doing their job. Rigid body component let objects collide and trigger a code. That was a challenge for me. Lives now matter and it is only 3 in this game. I would like to have 3 lives in the row too, not designed that way….

GetComponent another challenging method I learned today. It gives you power to communicate between scripts. Done with damaging player. It is now die after 3 touch. Spawn manager it is one more object that allow to populate enemies every 5 seconds. Learned about coroutines in Unity.

Assigned populated object in their folder. It is kind of cleaning. Exterminated all enemies with code after the player die.

Loaded assets. Nebula background is looks good. See you tomorrow!




Software Developer. Unity 3D

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Dmitry Gordeev

Dmitry Gordeev

Software Developer. Unity 3D

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