Day 27. Darren Drops Down. Portfolio

I keep going with the cinematography course. I added 14 virtual cameras for the beginning cutscene, that going to blend together. Security cameras and guards, all around, will be involved in the game. Darren’s objective is the vault.

Today was all team’s call. It lasts for 3 hours. We talked about future employment, indie game development, and markets. The project team showed the game they worked on for two weeks. Here is the link

My portfolio getting better check out Space Shooter Pro.

Another idea came up to me. I would make my resume inside the Unity 3D game. Skillset, experience, portfolio, and contacts will be made as a 3D object that the recruiter can interact with. Here is the example

That is it for today. Next week is likely the last one in this amazing internship. But I will never stop learning. Have a great rush week before Christmas.



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