Day 25. Sleeping Guard & Game Over Cutscene

The “sleeping guard” scene is ready to go. It was a pleasure to work on a 3D scene when it is smooth and almost has no delay. The next cutscene is “Gameover.” Darren will get caught for what he is doing.

Here we go, Darren. You are going to virtual jail. The Dolly track moving camera to make the moment more dramatic.

While it is a lack of programming in this course, I am digging into C#.
Another exciting thing I learned was about the Destructible crate example.

That box has a fractured copy. Fractures got their direction power in the moment of the explosion. The Rigitbody component lets the Physics module do gravity, velocity, and so on. And it can be done with 7 strings of code in Unity 3D! I am not sure if making fractures on the fly is efficient. In this example, they will be the same shape as every explosion.



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